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Sushi Studio is a new and creative studio for under performers and new people who wants to get into the music industry. It is a place to learn and teach others how to make a record. As Sushi Studio is new it has lots of room to grow. As the Director of Sushi Studio lets accomplish great things together. 
-June Thao


Sushi Studio

Unofficial song Feel the pain

This is one of the song by me (Junie-boi). Even though the soundtrack was not made/produce by me, This is to let you know that anyone can make it from the bottom up. Start with what you have and can do and move on from there.

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Latest Video Release

One of our latest project up to date. To keep you guys updated on what we do here at JT's Studio

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Are you looking for a professional Hip Hop Music Producer to record your music with? JT's Studio can help take your music to the next level. Get in touch to learn more about what they can do to enhance your sound.


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